13 Most Interesting German Shepherd Mixes

13 Most Interesting German Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherd mixes are becoming almost as popular as the purebred German Shepherd.

Many people look for something different from the purebred German Shepherd, and they won’t be disappointed.

You can find accidental or deliberate interbreeding of this animal with large and small dog breeds.

These mixtures range from the exquisitely beautiful to the impressive or quirky.

Whether you want a purpose-bred German Shepherd mix or fall in love with the consequences of a German Shepherd mix, there are many you can choose from.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of GSD mixes, we got you covered:

GSD mixes

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#1 Shepherd Wolves or Czech Wolf Shepherds

Shepherd Wolves or Czech Wolf Shepherds

Max von Stephanitz founded the first German Shepherd Society in Germany in 1899.

He would probably have been incredibly pleased with the Shepherd Wolf as one of the most beautiful German Shepherd mixes, even if only for their appearance.

Shepherd wolves come from the GSD/Czech Wolf dog, which weighs up to 40 pounds and has a shoulder height of approximately 25 inches.

If you want to own one of these dogs, you may need a permit.

Your Shepherd Wolf will be a large dog so will want a large area to play in, and you will need to keep this intelligent dog entertained with more than walks.

This breed must exercise their curiosity and intelligence as much as their powerful physiques.

Challenge your Shepherd Wolf with games that require figuring stuff out, or boredom can turn to destructive behavior. Their intelligence makes them an excellent watchdog.

#2 Shepradors


Friendly but protective, German Shepherd mixes like the Shepradors/labrashepherds, and Golden Shepherds make wonderful family pets.

The Sheprador is a GSD/Labrador mix, while the Golden Shepherd is a Golden Retriever mix.

It’s almost impossible to predict what the mix will look like until they’ve grown but rest assured, they will look delightful.

Labrador retrievers are popular dogs, even more popular than GSDs, so why not combine the two to produce an intelligent, four-legged companion?

It makes sense as the Labradors, and Golden Retrievers are also loyal, gentle creatures.

Shepradors are like children in that they prefer to play all day as they are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and wonder about life.

This makes them an excellent family dog.

Be firm with both. Provide them with structure. Treat them gently, and the lab mix will be as loving as you would want them to be.

#3 Shepsky – German Shepherd Husky Mix

Shepsky – German Shepherd Husky Mix

Take the German Shepherd dog (GSD) and mix it with a Husky, and you get a powerful dog.

The Shepsky, Gerberian Shepsky, or Siberian Shepherd are different names for the same breed mixture. Like the GSD, the Shepsky is suited to working or for companionship.

This mixed breed has a wolf’s appearance with the distinctive coloring of the GSD and weighs in at around 38 to 88 pounds. Full-grown adults can grow to 27 inches at the shoulder.

As one of the most attractive German Shepherd mixes, it is normal to see these dogs with blue eyes or one brown and one blue eye.

Should you decide to get a Shepsky, know that it is full of energy and needs voluminous exercise amounts.  Its lifespan varies from 7 to 14 years.

#4 Doberman Shepherd

Doberman Shepherd

You might call this the DobShep or the ShepDob. Either way, the result is interesting. The Doberman Shepherd is not as willing to please as the GSD.

As friendly as this mixed breed is, it exhibits an independent nature interspersed with stubbornness.

Always maintain control; otherwise, you risk becoming the subject of the DobShep.

It is best to train this mixed breed from a young age because of these traits.

You may regret it if you don’t since this dog can grow to 110 pounds, which is hefty. Adding to its weight, the DobShep also stands tall at a shoulder height of around 26 inches.

As slim and streamlined as the Doberman Pinscher is, the DobShep is muscular but agile.

They are loyal like the GSD and suffer the same diseases. You will, however, have a wonderful family and kid-friendly dog that needs loads of exercise to let off steam.

#5 Alaskan Shepherd

Alaskan Shepherd

If you want an extra-large, protective guard dog, this is among the largest German Shepherd mixes.

Breeding the Alaskan Malamute with the GSD leads to a dog that grows up to 130 pounds with a shoulder height of 28 inches.

Do not get an Alaskan Shepherd unless you are prepared to invest in professional training. As protective as this mix is, it is also aggressive towards strangers.

You can leave your kids with this pet because of its loving nature. However, always supervise play between kids and this dog as their sheer size can cause unintentional injuries.

You get the most out of both breeds with the Alaskan Shepherd. But you also get the good with the not-so-good.

As one of the biggest German Shepherd mixes, the Alaskan Shepherd has similar health problems such as heart issues, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, etc.

#6 Malinois X

Malinois X

Be prepared to pay anything from $500 to $2,000 for the Malinois X, which is as protective as the purebred GSD.

This breed loves attention and responds well to training. Stimulate their intellectual capacities with play to keep their energy levels checked as a pet.

Your Malinois X has a stable temperament but must be socialized from an early age. This breed is obedient and respectful rather than being stubborn and independently minded.

This dog reaches shoulder heights up to 26 inches and can weigh as much as 86 pounds. They do well as family pets and are kid-friendly.

The Malinois X likes to work hard and long due to their intelligence and muscular build.

Unfortunately, the breed may be prone to health issues, including bloat, hip dysplasia, and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, much like the German Shepherd. As this is a new breed, there is not much information available.

#7 Shollie


German Shepherd mixes come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The Shollie is no exception; that is a cross between the GSD and the Border Collie.

Both were bred as herding dogs, but you don’t need a flock of sheep to keep this mixed breed busy. Toys, physical and mental activity, and training are recommended to keep your Shollie in check.

Your Border Collie mix is friendly and clever. They thrive on advanced dog training programs that stimulate their brains.

Get them involved in special training like agility.  Keep them busy with search and rescue type training, and your Shollie will use their energy productively.

If you forget to engage them physically and mentally, they stick their noses in where they shouldn’t. You could lose clothing and furniture if you don’t give your Shollie enough to keep them busy.

This breed has kept its primary herding instincts. They keep children safe around the home, swimming pools, and other dangerous areas, so always make great pets or work dogs.

#8 Shepherd and Great Dane

Shepherd and Great Dane

The German Dane or Shepherdane will look more like the GSD or the Great Dane. They are affectionate, love people, and love playing.

This is one of the best German Shepherd mixes to take on long runs, go cycling or play in large parks without a lead.

Ensure that your Shepherdane is trained well enough to respond to commands if you let them off the leash.

Shepherdanes make good German Shepherd mixes. When you socialize them, they are good with kids, other dogs, and other pets.

They are sensitive to touch but should be brushed daily. While Shepherdanes cope well with being alone, but they prefer company.

Handle these big dogs firmly as losing control will turn them into your boss. Don’t expect them to be happy in apartments as they reach weights of 130 pounds and shoulder heights of up to 30 inches.

Give them space, and they will be adoring pets.

#9 Shepnees


Like the Shepherdane, the Shepnees are big.  The Shepherdane reaches 130 pounds, and the Shepnee is almost half that weight at around 70 pounds.

The Shepnee is a much slimmer mix, though, which can be equally tall at up to 30 inches. Shepnees are a combination of the Great Pyrenees and the GSD.

You will find that this dog is especially cuddly, easygoing, and protective. Their luxurious double coat needs daily grooming to prevent matting, and they shed a lot.

Typical of the GSD breed, they like instruction with a firm hand. Look after this breed properly as they come with all the GSD health concerns.

Shepnees are, however lovable, enjoy running outdoors but cost a steep $1,000.

#10 Shepadoodle


As strange as the Shepadoodle sounds, it really makes a cute breed. The regal German Shepherd mixed with the Poodle creates a dog with an even temper.

Their curly hair and curious button eyes are irresistible, making them a sought-after pet.

Despite their adorable appearance, the Shepadoodle also makes an excellent work dog. They can weigh over 120 pounds and stand 28 inches tall, but they are good with children despite an intimidating size. 

Shepadoodles coats consist of several colors, including gray, tan, black, off-white, and sable, inheriting colors from their parent breeds.

Curly hair means that they require a lot of maintenance, so you may want to take this poodle mix to a doggy parlor for coat maintenance.

If you or anyone close by suffers from allergies, you’ll be pleased to know that some Shepadoodles are hypoallergenic. Always check with the breeder as not all Shepadoodles are hypoallergenic.

#11 Shepherd Chihuahuas

Shepherd Chihuahuas

Moving away from the large German Shepherd mixes, you will find that the large regal GSD is also mixed with smaller dog breeds. It isn’t easy to imagine how this is possible, but it is.

Thankfully, science is responsible for this mix through artificial insemination; otherwise, it would be completely confusing.

The Shepherd Chihuahua is a cheeky mix that varies vastly in size and weight. You can find this mix as small as 8 pounds or as large as 60 pounds. Heights differ from 7 to 47 inches.

Depending on whether a long or short-haired Chihuahua is used, the resultant breed will have a long or short coat. Colors resemble that of the GSD or the Chihuahua, so it is a little like playing the lottery–you never know what to expect.

Your typical Chihuahua is a one-person dog that gets on well with adults. Shepherd Chihuahuas also prefer one owner; they are small enough to be happy in an apartment and cheeky enough to protect you (or at least alert you to danger).

#12 German Pomeranian

German Pomeranian

It’s quite funny how small dogs tend to be cheeky. The German Pomeranian is a GSD and Pomeranian crossbreed that gives you exactly what you might imagine – a cheeky dog.

As lively as this character is, it should be confident and socialization is important. You may have to intervene when children and other pets are around as they tend to be bossy.

Expect your German Pom to be any height between 7 and 26 inches and weigh anything from 3 to 95 pounds.

The dog’s size relies on nature rather than science at this stage, but you can look forward to at least 14 years with this companion.

If you have your heart set on one of these cute designer dogs, try to rescue one from an animal shelter as artificial insemination is costly.

#13 Shugs


As you may have guessed, Shugs are a German Shepherd and Pug mixShugs have an easier life in breathing than the purebred Pug but can still overheat quickly following exertion.

The GSD gives the Pug a longer skull, but it is still relatively short, so health remains a concern.

Shugs grow to approximately 12 inches high and weigh about 30 pounds. Shugs may look like Pugs with pointy or floppy ears.

They usually have short hair depending on the GSD breed and are stocky little dogs with wide chests.

Shugs are friendly, bright little dogs that are almost always happy. Kids love them, and Shugs mostly like kids–just train them properly to respond to commands.

Big Or Small-German Shepherd Mixes Are Great

German Shepherd mixes are popular because people love GSDs and other dog breeds.

There are many more wonderful mixed breeds not mentioned here. Some other notable and beautiful German Shepherd mixes:

  • Shepkita (Akita mix)
  • Shepweiler (Rottweiler mix)
  • Saint Shepherd (Saint Bernard mix) 
  • Corman Shepherd (Corgi mix)
  • Chow Shepherd (Chow Chow mix)
  • Euro Mountain Sheparnese (Bernese Mountain Dog mix). 

German Shepherds have been mixed with many other favourite small dogs including:

  • Beagles
  • Boxers
  • Bulldogs
  • Shar peis
  • Pitbull mix.

There are also impressive large mixed breeds with the Siberian HuskyRidgeback or Newfoundland.

Mixing the GSD with a breed you have always loved may provide you with a perfect pet.

Whatever you decide, you know that your GSD mix will be protective and trainable–providing loyal companionship for years.



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