How To Take Care Of Long-Haired German Shepherds?

How To Take Care Of Long-Haired German Shepherds?

Grooming a German Shepherd produces an appearance deserving of such a majestic breed. The pedigree of this shepherding breed also motivates owners to look after their dogs’ coats.

Grooming German Shepherd long hair dogs also includes looking after their ears, nails, and teeth.

Plan a home grooming routine, buy the correct grooming tools, and spend quality time with your pet. Then, do a proper job at home or take your GSD to a professional groomer.

Whatever you do, please don’t neglect to groom German Shepherd long hair as regular care contributes to their physical appeal.


Brushing Is Essential 

Brushing Is Essential

German Shepherds’ coats are short, medium, or long. German Shepherd long hair may require an additional grooming item, but you can usually get by with just a few simple brushes and gloves.

Your German Shepherd grooming kit should include some or all the following items:

#1 The basic brush

For dogs with longer coats, invest in a high-quality essential brush with wire bristles, which is ideal for brushing the more profound undercoat. For all German Shepherd owners, this is a must-have item.

Plastic bristled brushes will collect the guard hairs of the undercoat. Guard hairs are the stiffer hairs that safeguard and distribute the dog’s natural skin oils while also protecting the softer undercoat.

In addition, guard hairs function as natural waterproofing, which also helps your German Shepherd’s skin stay dry.

 Another function of the German Shepherd undercoat is to keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

By eliminating loose hair and lifeless hair, you can lessen your pet’s shedding tendency, maintain the outer coat’s luscious shine, and help prevent their fur from becoming matted.

#2 Slicker brush

Slicker brushes are ideal for brushing German Shepherd long hair as the fine bristles reach deep down into the coat.

These brushes are also great for grooming German Shepherds to keep their topcoat looking sleek. Slicker brushes are usually self-cleaning and convenient, so look for one that has this characteristic.

Please avoid using this type of brush to de-matt your dog’s coat as it tends to grab at matted fur quickly, causing agony by tugging the hair from the skin follicles.

To untangle knots in your pet’s fur, use a special de-matting comb.

#3 De-matting comb

A de-matting tool penetrates deep into the GSD’s soft undercoat without causing injury to the dog’s skin.

Regardless of whether your GSD has long or short hair, the de-matting comb has fine, sharp stainless-steel teeth that can effortlessly de-matt your pet’s coat.

Get this tool to remove knots in their fur instead of choosing a cheap knock-off that could hurt your pet’s sensitive skin.

#4 De-shedding tool

A de-shedding tool is crucial for German Shepherd grooming, no matter the length of their hair. This tool is available in numerous forms and is known as undercoat rakes.

The rakes on the de-shedder collect loose coat hairs, which you may dispose of before they become a nuisance in your home.

De-shedding tools can also penetrate both the top and undercoat of the German Shepherd, increasing their effectiveness.

#5 Grooming glove

Rubber nodules on dog grooming gloves massage the dog’s skin. Brushing wet or dry hair while rubbing your pet’s skin stimulates the distribution of its natural oils.

These grooming gloves may be a better option for your pet if they don’t enjoy the standard brushes suggested.

Bath Occasionally 

Bath Occasionally

As a new owner, you may think that German Shepherd longhair dogs need bathing frequently since they gather a lot of dirt on their coats.

Bathing the shepherds repeatedly, on the other hand, is detrimental to their health. This fact is because they have delicate skin that quickly becomes dry when exposed to water.

A full-body bath for your German Shepherd is only required once or twice a year at most.

Of course, if your pet has become dirty from play, you should bathe them, but shampooing your GSD once or twice a month will irritate their skin. Make sure the shampoo does not come into contact with the dog’s skin.

If you find your GSD has rolled in something unsavory, give it a full-body wash or a local wash to clean up the mess.

Your vet can recommend a good dog shampoo. Work up a lather using your hands or a specialist shampoo mitt as the skin of your GSD is sensitive, and this breed is prone to dry skin and inflammation. 

Stock your German Shepherd grooming kit with high-quality items to treat this animal with the ultimate care it deserves.

Brushing your pet’s hair at this time would be an excellent choice. The grooming gloves are ideal for dry or wet coats.

Teeth Are Important 

Teeth Are Important

Long-haired German Shepherds’ teeth are often a matter of concern. Even if you feed your dog correctly, it is still likely for them to accumulate damaging plaque.

Every week, you should brush your dog’s teeth with a specialized brush. In addition, you may get toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. Brush the teeth and gums as well.

You could also get hard cookies that mechanically remove plaque while the dog chews.

Don’t Forget About Nails

Don't Forget About Nails

Toenails that are too long are a dog’s worst enemy. With such nails, they can harm you or themselves. Long nails, on the other hand, are likely to break.

So, at least once a week, inspect your GSDs toenails and clip them if they are too long.

Some dog owners take their pets to professional groomers for toenail clipping because their dogs may not be content with your trimming plans.

Ear Cleaning 

Ear Cleaning

GSDs ears are the most delicate part of their body. It’s for this reason that it’s essential to keep it clean. At least once a week, check your dog’s ears for slathered wax and dirt.

Remove the filth using ear drops. A few drops of oil and a gentle cloth will suffice.

Never use tap water to clean your pet’s ears. It has the potential to cause infection. Make sure your German Shepherd is not uptight and entirely relaxed before beginning the ear cleansing.

When grooming, stay away from loud noises and crowded surroundings.

Walks And Exercises 

Walks And Exercises

To be healthy, German Shepherds require a lot of activity daily as they have a lot of energy that they need to release.

As a result, they make pretty amazing inside dogs, but only if you give them plenty of opportunities to run around.

Playing energetic outdoor games, jogging, or running will satisfy your dog’s need for exercise.

When you exercise, your dog will be delighted to join you, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Visit Your Vet Regularly

All dogs are subject to certain diseases. German Shepherd long hair dogs suffer from the exact problems as regular German Shepherds.

Epilepsy, hip dysplasia, stomach problems, and eczema are pretty standard for these dogs.

You need to make sure you take your pet to the vet at least once a year to check out its health. These checkups may include blood tests, x-rays, and other diagnostics.

The lifespan of a German Shepherd is usually 9 to 13 years.

Other Tips 

Other Tips

Keep the following products handy if you want to keep your GSD clean and well-groomed.

  • Soft-bristled toothbrush – The texture of the bristles with a toothbrush that has soft bristles is less likely to irritate or damage your GSD’s mouth when you clean it. A child’s toothbrush would also suffice.
  • Dental snacks – Dental chews, biscuits, or dental sticks are an easy method to keep your GSD’s teeth clean. They usually contain various additives and are made with a rough texture to prevent and remove tartar buildup.
  • Chew toys – You can give rubber chew toys, tennis balls, and rawhide chews to your GSD to develop clean teeth and a healthy mouth.
  • Clipper – Using a clipper may require an understanding of where your GSD nail’s “quick” is situated. To minimize anxiety when grooming your GSD, take the paw and make a few clips as possible.
  • File – Nail files are the cheapest alternative for grooming your GSD’s nails. They’re also easy to use and less daunting for GSDs. For inexperienced users who are following nail care routines, files are the finest tool to use.
  • Automatic Dremel tool – An automatic Dremel tool is a more expensive but more convenient choice for sanding down your GSD’s nails swiftly and painlessly. The Dremel tool is the most practical nail care item for your GSD.
  • Ear drops –Never use Q-tips and only use ear drops for dogs that your local vet prescribes, not ear drops for humans. The only option for safely cleansing and disinfecting your GSD’s ears is to use special dog ear drops.
  • Undercoat rake – This is a must-have accessory for any German Shepherd grooming kit. It’s also useful for grooming long-haired German Shepherds as it digs beneath the topcoat to remove loose or dead fur from the undercoat.


The German Shepherd’s long hair dog is a majestic breed that needs essential care and attention.

Create good living conditions and provide human contact with your German Shepherd and have fun with your grooming time–view grooming as an opportunity to strengthen the bond with your pet.

They love the extra attention, and you get to appreciate lessened shedding throughout your home. Your living space will be cleaner, and so will your dog.

Regular checkups will also improve your pet’s health, preventing any unpleasant health shocks.


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