German Shepherd Food List

German Shepherd Food List 2

If you thought that your German Shepherd would have to stick to eating dog food, then think again.

It turns out that their digestion can be pretty good at being able to deal with some human food as well.

Now that’s not to say that you can go ahead and give your German Shepherd anything you want. That is certainly not the case. You still need to be careful as to what you give them, but adding some variety into their diet can certainly be beneficial to your dog.

So, if you would like to give your German Shepherd something a bit different, then read on as we look at human foods that your dog will love.


A Piece of Advice

bread and fruits

But first, a piece of advice. Only give your German Shepherd human food in absolute moderation.

Also, if giving them vegetables, then it’s often best if they are cooked. It makes it easier for them to digest the food in the first place.

Human food should not really make up more than 10% of their daily food intake. That’s because food specifically designed for dogs will contain all of the correct nutrients for them to grow and develop. Human food doesn’t have that same balance.

In saying that though, it’s still something they can enjoy.

Now onto the food.


Apples are wonderful as they can be highly beneficial for their health thanks to levels of vitamins, fiber and calcium. Also, you will tend to find your German Shepherd enjoys crunching on them, and that exercise is also good for their teeth.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that you must never give them the core or seeds of the apple.


are bananas good for german shepherd

Just as us humans eat bananas for potassium, that’s also a good reason why you should look at giving your German Shepherd this fruit.

Make sure it’s only the flesh part as well, but do note that a banana is high in sugar, so only give this as a treat on occasion.

When giving your dog a banana, cut it up into small pieces, and then enjoy watching them chomp away on it.


Since beef is protein, then it makes sense to give your dog this treat every once in a while. You do need to make sure that it’s lean, and also don’t add any seasoning to it.

The beef provides them with essential vitamins and minerals. This helps their bones and joints while it’s also going to help their skin.

Do cook the meat, and possibly think about shredding it up and adding it to their main meal.


Yes, your German Shepherd can eat bread, but this also has to be done in moderation. Make sure it’s either plain white, or you can give them brown bread. This is going to be high in carbs, and eating too much of it is not a good idea.

Of course, you can also argue that it’s going to be low in healthy nutrients for them, so while they can eat bread, it’s not something that should be provided on a regular basis.


Your German Shepherd is going to love to nibble on some broccoli from time to time. This vegetable is high in both calcium as well as fiber, and that’s going to prove to be a wonderful thing for their immune system.

But there’s a problem. Some dogs will experience a lot of gas if you feed them too much broccoli. Sure, your German Shepherd will love eating it, but just be aware of the potential for some digestive issues.


are carrots good for shepherd

Carrots can be eaten by your German Shepherd either cooked or raw. Not only do they contain virtually no fat, but it’s high in various vitamins and minerals.

The vitamins in carrots are going to be beneficial for a number of body functions as well as being the perfect solution for puppies when their teeth are coming through.


Cheese can be given to your German Shepherd, but only if you are sure that they are not going to have an issue with lactose.

Cheese is high in protein, so it’s great for your dog. However, it’s also high in both calories and fat, so it can only be given in absolute moderation or they may start to pick up weight.


Chicken is another wonderful food to give to your German Shepherd, and it’s thanks to the high protein levels. You do need to avoid giving them the skin, and keep it plain.

Chicken is good for them due to Omega-6 and glucosamine. This is going to help their skin and joints, but never give them raw chicken. Just as that’s a bad idea for us, the same applies to your dog.

Also, never give your dog cooked chicken bones. They are actually very fragile, and there’s a good chance they will break in their mouth, and the risk of them being injured is very high.


Now you may think that cucumber is just full of water and that it would not be able to provide your dog with too much from a nutritional point of view, but that would be wrong. Instead, a cucumber is going to contain things such as potassium and calcium while it also has various vitamins that are important for their health.

But the water content is going to mean your German Shepherd will experience a rather refreshing treat, so on a hot day it may be a good idea to give them a bit of cucumber.



Milk is a wonderful source of calcium, but you do need to know if your dog is lactose intolerant. Give your dog small amounts as it will be a good way for them to get some Vitamin D into their diet. Also, milk is full of various amino acids and minerals that will be beneficial to their body.


Oatmeal is something that can be easily given to your German Shepherd, but it needs to be done in absolute moderation. It is clearly high in fiber as well as linolic acid. This is great for their skin, but it’s also high in a variety of minerals and vitamins.

Look at adding some oatmeal to water, and don’t add anything else. You can then sprinkle some into their other food in order to bulk it up and to give them some extra sustenance.


Yes, your German Shepherd is going to love some pasta from time to time, but as with any of the foods listed here, it needs to be given in absolute moderation.

The key here is the pasta must be cooked, and it must be plain. Don’t go adding sauces as that’s a bad idea. Keep in mind that onions and garlic are going to be poisonous to your German Shepherd, so avoid this at all costs.

Peanut Butter

German Shepherd Food List 3

Peanut butter can be a good treat to give your German Shepherd, but here’s a caveat. It needs to be organic.

The reason for that is because organic is going to have nothing strange added to it, so that makes it easier for your dog to digest the peanut butter. You will find that it’s full of things such as zinc and several vitamins, so it’s certainly good for them in moderation.

But here’s the problem.

It’s also high in fat and calories. That means it must be given in very small amounts. Also, check for sweetener being added to it. This can prove to be toxic to your dog, and that’s something you need to avoid.


Even though some humans suffer from gas when eating peas, it turns out that they are very gentle on the digestion of your German Shepherd. They are also going to be very good at giving your dog a bit of an energy boost, and that’s before we even discuss the various minerals and vitamins contained within them.

The only additional thing to mention regarding peas is to not give your dog the canned version. They tend to add salt to the cans, and that’s not a good idea.


Your dog can eat cooked potato, but it cannot have the skin still on. You should also pay close attention to the potato and see if it has any green parts on it. This will be toxic to your dog. However, once you cook the potato, then the danger is passed.

The potato is high in carbs, and that will give your dog some energy. However, you also need to give in real moderation. Also, you can boil or mash the potato to give to your dog. If you do plan on giving them mash, then don’t add salt, butter or milk. Keep it nice and plain.

As you can see, your German Shepherd can eat a variety of human foods, but the overall theme is to not make it the focus of their diet. Yes, they can manage to eat the foods listed above, along with a number of other things we haven’t covered, but just be careful.

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