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    7 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Share Your Bed

    Share your bedroom today! Some people are not open to the idea of sharing their bedroom with their dog with reasons, like unwanted fur on your sheets or a soiled carpet. However, having your furry companion sleeping next to you in your bedroom actually has more pros than cons. Recently, a study conducted by the Center […] More

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    17 Signs Of Gluten Intolerance That You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Gluten has become a bit of a loaded word these days, but the truth is, it’s a very real problem for some people out there. While some people may confuse gluten intolerance with Celiac disease, some problems with gluten actually deal with the gut directly. There are some signs that are surefire – like vomit, […] More

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    Vet Reveals What Pets Do Right Before They Pass On And Their Plea Is Going Viral

    As pet owners, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to ensure our furry, fluffy, scaly and creepy critters are cared for correctly. We buy them expensive food, fancy pet beds, countless toys and play with them all the time. That’s because pets are just as important as the humans for most families! Sadly, there’s one thing many of […] More

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    2-Year-Old Walks For 1st Time As He Speaks 5 Words To Dog Bringing Everyone To Tears

    Whitney Dinkel was thrilled for her 20-week ultrasound appointment. She and her husband Adam counted down the days until they could see their little one’s face on the screen again – it was the best time of their lives. But when technicians during the appointment spotted something alarming, their hearts dropped. Doctors later broke the […] More