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    New Elvis Presley Music Video Revealed For Where No One Stands Alone

    Some people have the fortune to live a life that leaves a mark in the lives of many. Despite being physically absent from this world, those people never really die because their deeds remain to remind us of their glory. More than 41 years have passed since Elvis Presley passed away from this world. Unfortunately […] More

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    Dad Takes Daughter’s Doll To Goodwill To Shop

    Keenan Watkins of North Vernon, Indiana doesn’t make promises to his daughter that he can’t keep. Even if that requires him to run errands around town carrying an anatomically correct “ugly” baby boy doll. Which it did. Love What Matters gave Watkins’ first-hand account of exactly how his “fun” day out with Davey the doll occurred. […] More

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    “They Came Back” Responders Save Husband Only To Have Wife Look Out Later In Astonishment

    When Melissa Ann Work’s husband, Gene, had a heart attack while laying sod, Melissa’s first concern was for his health. This was her nightmare, and there was nothing she could do to ensure her husband would make it through this painful ordeal. What would life be like without him? Thankfully, a handful of quick-thinking first responders were there […] More

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    Bus Driver Helps Elderly Blind Passenger Waiting At Stop

    When Gene Hubbard was first diagnosed with diabetes, doctors made it very clear things could be rough ahead. Not only did Gene have to get used to monitoring his blood sugar levels and administering his own insulin shots, but he had to come to terms with the fact that his body might, one day, betray […] More

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    90% Have No Idea What This Is. Do You? SHARE if you do

    My dad had a few of these. They were Avon colognes and there were many. Have you ever seen one of these? Avon Car Bottles are some of the world’s favorite collectibles. Here you will find pictures and information about the many possible decanters and bottles you can add to your collection. Avon Straight Eight […] More

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    This man built a 500,000-gallon pool in his backyard

    There are few things that are better for beating the heat during the summer months than a dip in the pool. We all remember what it was like to be young and not want to get out of the pool no matter what. However, less and less modern homes are being constructed with pools in […] More

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    Here’s Why People With Fake Service Dogs Are The Worst

    Service animals are vital companions to people with disabilities, diligently and selflessly helping them to live their lives with as much freedom as possible, and protecting them from harm. However, some people abuse the system and lie about their dog being a service dog, or get dubious certificates claiming they need ’emotional support’ based on […] More

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    Grandma Creates Pool Cleaning Hack That Goes Viral

    Summer is a wonderful time of year to be outside and enjoy the warm weather. All through the long, cold winter, it’s always nice to know you can count on shorts, sandals, BBQ’s, swimming and so much more is just around the corner. Summer is especially great for those who own a swimming pool. There’s […] More

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