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Best Dog Toothpaste For German Shepherds 1


Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste


Best Dog Toothpaste For German Shepherds 2

Pet King Brands Oratene Gel


Best Dog Toothpaste For German Shepherds 3

Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste


Best Dog Toothpaste For German Shepherds 4

Radius USDA Organic Adult Kit


Best Dog Toothpaste For German Shepherds 5

Kissable Dog Dental Kit

The best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds is one that is safe and works to protect your pet’s teeth and gums

But since using human toothpaste is a massive no-no (it often contains Xylitol, toxic to dogs), which is the best dog toothpaste to use for optimal dental care?

We’re going to discuss which are the safest dog toothpaste as well as how you should clean your dog’s teeth to maintain them and keep them healthy and happy.

Our best dog toothpaste reviews aim to help pet owners keep their dogs’ teeth healthy.

Our guide takes you through the different kinds of doggy toothpaste you can purchase and what to look for in their ingredients – perfect if your dog’s breath makes you wince!

You will also discover how to train your pet to get used to having its teeth brushed and why this activity is important to prevent disease.

BEST OVERALL: Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • Size: 2.5 oz. tube
  • Flavor: Beef, Poultry, Vanilla Mint
  • Type: Paste

Expert teams have come together to create an enzymatic toothpaste for dogs, designed specifically to protect your dog’s oral hygiene without including foaming agents.

Pet owners can use this product with confidence, knowing that this toothpaste’s cleaning power effectively combats mouth bacteria and tartar control.

Your pet’s mouth will be left feeling and smelling clean after brushing, and your German Shepherd will love the rich beefy or poultry flavor of this toothpaste.


  • It contains specially formulated enzymes for added dog and cat teeth oral care.
  • Available in three options, including chicken flavor, to suit your pet’s preferences.
  • A good pet toothpaste that freshens breath while combatting bacteria and tartar and helping to remove plaque buildup.
  • You can use this safe dog toothpaste to brush your pet’s teeth every day if necessary.
  • Non-foaming dog toothpaste, which makes it more palatable for your pet.
  • This toothpaste is not abrasive on your pet’s teeth, and they can swallow it quite safely.
  • Suitable for use at all stages of your German Shepherd’s lifespan.
  • The manufacturer recommends using this product with a CET Dual-Ended dog toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • A Vet’s best friend, as many recommend this toothpaste for all dog breeds, including German Shepherds.
  • Has a cost-effective pricing model in comparison to some of the closest competitors.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • The color of the beef flavored toothpaste varies from batch to batch, but this does not impact the toothpaste’s efficacy.
  • Toothpaste flavor prices vary.
  • It contains sorbitol which may not agree with some dogs and cats.
  • Some customers claim they have received this product without seals and containing mold. Always check for this as old stock may have been mistakenly sent out, and the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Runner Up: Pet King Brands Oratene Gel

Pet King Brands Oratene Gel
  • Size: 2.5 oz. tube
  • Flavor: Unspecified (pleasant flavor)
  • Type: Clear gel

Pet King Brands Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel for Dogs and Cats is the runner-up in this best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds review.

As oral care for your German Shepherd, this is an excellent product to select if your pet doesn’t like the winning Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste.


  • This toothpaste is devoid of alcohol or xylitol, which can harm your pet’s health.
  • All ingredients are safe for pet use as they are non-toxic.
  • Apply with a dog toothbrush or use your finger.
  • No need for rinsing your dog’s mouth as the product is safe to swallow.
  • Pets enjoy this clear gel’s pleasant flavor, which does not cause salivation.
  • Safe for use on cats and dogs to support clean teeth and healthy gums, optimum dental health, and a fresh breath.
  • Suitable for daily cleaning and contains a non-drying agent to support a comfortable cleaning experience.
  • 100% safe to use and is free of other chemicals such as detergents that can cause negative side-effects.
  • It contains patented enzyme agents to protect your German Shepherd against bad breath, plaque and to maintain sound oral care.


  • The manufacturer’s product description change from brushless toothpaste gel to dental gel may confuse regular customers, but it is the same product.
  • Cease the product’s use if your German Shepherd exhibits any adverse responses after brushing–as per the manufacturer’s warning.
  • Avoid using this best dog toothpaste if your pet suffers from digestive or pancreatic complaints, as it may promote the development of diarrhea.
  • Some consumers have tested this product and claim that it is flavorless.

Alternative: Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste

Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste
  • Size: 4.5 oz. tube
  • Flavor: Beef
  • Type: Paste

The first alternative best dog toothpaste for bad breath is the Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste. Consumers confirm that this pet toothpaste’s flavor gets rid of bad mouth odors and their furry friends love it.

Some consumers have been using this toothpaste for their dogs for over nine years and have no intention of changing to another product.

Knowing that this toothpaste contains food-grade ingredients is one more factor that attracts loyal customer support.


  • Extra calcium and phosphates in this best dog toothpaste support remineralization of their teeth’ enamel, adding an extra safeguard to your pet’s oral health.
  • Contains sodium bicarbonate for extra fresh breath.
  • Contains no parabens, animal by-products, SLS, sulfates, dyes, fluoride, silica, or gluten.
  • It contains glycerine, citric acid, PH and gel agents, cellulose gum, calcium, phosphates, potassium hydroxide, Calprox, DiCalcium phosphate, deionized water, and other food-grade ingredients, making it a safe pet toothpaste.
  • Delicious beefy flavor (London Broil) makes oral hygiene fun for your German Shepherd.
  • Controls the buildup of plaque so that your pet’s teeth stay healthy for years to come when used regularly.
  • The only good dog toothpaste endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).
  • You do not need a doggy toothbrush to apply this toothpaste as your finger will suffice.


  • Some pet owners are at a loss about how this toothpaste can be effective if they don’t brush their pet’s teeth. They don’t understand that rubbing the toothpaste on the dog’s teeth and letting their tongue do the rest equates to a good clean. If you are one of the pet owners that feels the same way, it will be best to use a dog toothbrush to apply this product.

Alternative: Radius USDA Organic Adult Kit

Radius USDA Organic Adult Kit
  • Size: Unspecified
  • Flavor: Unspecified
  • Type: Toothpaste and toothbrush kit (1.57 x 0.61 x 3.94 inches(LxWxH)

Alternative 2 in our best dog toothpaste reviews is particularly popular because it is sold as a complete oral hygiene kit.

You can purchase this toothpaste kit for a puppy or adult German Shepherds, which endears it to many pet lovers. 


  • Get a 2-in-1 complete toothbrush and toothpaste kit for your adult or puppy German Shepherd, which adds to this purchase’s convenience.
  • This kit’s price is comparable to standalone best dog toothpaste purchases and is often cheaper in many instances.
  • It helps prevent tartar buildup and removes plaque with regular brushing as per manufacturer instructions.
  • It does not contain xylitol and other toxic ingredients and is appropriate to use for your German Shepherd puppy and adult dog as long as the right product is used for their age group.
  • Ideal for dogs in the age group of 18 months to 8 years old.
  • An organic and eco-friendly product that is produced in the U.S.
  • USDA certified organic gel toothpaste.


  • This product only contains organic ingredients, free of additional enzymes, perfect if you’re looking for a natural dog toothpaste.
  • Some customers prefer non-organic toothpaste for their pets as they feel those may do a better job.
  • The paste is a peculiar brownish color which reflects the sweet potato as one of its natural ingredients.

Alternative: Kissable Dog Dental Kit

Kissable Dog Dental Kit
  • Size: 2.5 Oz Tube
  • Flavor: Cucumber Mint
  • Type: Paste and toothbrush (4.33 x 1.14 x 10 inches)

As the name suggests, this is a kissable doggy dental kit that contains a deliciously refreshing cucumber mint flavor. This natural dog toothpaste is great for owners looking to avoid additives or chemicals.

Many pet owners favor natural, organic ingredients for their dogs as they believe them to have a smaller chance of causing negative reactions.


  • This product has an additional benefit because the toothbrush is three-sided, which gets the job done quicker.
  • Tartar and plaque are removed and controlled with a few brief brush strokes, leaving your pet with a delightfully fresh smelling breath.
  • The dog dental care kit contains a natural toothpaste with a subtle cucumber mint flavor, a gum-hugging toothbrush, and a finger brush. This combination is both a convenient purchase and makes for convenient teeth cleaning.
  • This best dog toothpaste is suitable for pets of all ages.


  • One consumer mentioned that the color of the toothpaste is dark red, which can be quite disconcerting. When your pet walks around with a red mouth, it can look quite unappealing.
  • Another customer complaint was that their pet destroyed the toothbrush with their first cleaning attempt. While this product is manufactured from sturdy material, a lack of training will inevitably lead to a pet chewing a foreign object in its mouth. Using a sturdier or more organic material like bamboo for the toothbrush is simply going to encourage an untrained dog to use that as a chew toy as well.

Toothpaste For German Shepherds FAQ

We trust that our consumer buying guide has given you a lot to ‘chew’ on. Although we didn’t get a chance to cover them in this article, you can also check out Arm and Hammer Dog Toothpaste, Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste, Nylabone Advanced Oral Care and Tropiclean Oral Care Gel For Dogs.

Here are some FAQs around dog toothpaste and teeth cleaning that might help you even more.

How do you clean German Shepherd teeth?

Dental hygiene is almost as important for dogs as it is for people. Clean teeth help avoid other unpleasant health problems, so it is essential to develop and maintain a healthy dental routine.

Fortunately, keeping your German Shepherd’s teeth in excellent condition is quite a simple, convenient process. There are several methods to use when focusing on German Shepherd dental health.

  • Use the best dog toothpaste available together with a handheld or finger toothbrush designed for dogs.
  • Give your German Shepherd dental bites to work off tartar and plaque.
  • Purchase chewy toys to help your pet self-clean its teeth.
  • Buy quality dog food, which helps to prevent plaque buildup.

The actual teeth cleaning process can take a while as you need to get your pet used to having its mouth handled. Here’s how to go about training your German Shepherd to enjoy teeth cleaning.

Familiarize your pet with being handled


Frequently handle your German Shepherd’s face. Touch your pet on its face and once it is used to this sensation, begin touching its mouth area.

Once your pet is comfortable with this action, stick your finger into its mouth and teach it not to bite down on your hand.

Begin training at a young age, so your puppy becomes familiar with ‘teeth hygiene’ training among all the other new things it learns. The next step is to slowly begin running your finger around your dog’s teeth and gums.

Once your pet is familiar with this sensation, move to the next step.

Toothpaste and toothbrush training

Place a small amount of good dog toothpaste on your forefinger and allow your pet to smell and taste this new substance.

Stick your finger into its mouth and repeat the action of rubbing your finger along its teeth and gums. By now, your pet should willingly allow you to handle its mouth without problems.

Start your dental hygiene routine

Place your dog toothpaste on the brush.

Begin by gently brushing the outer teeth on the lower and upper jaws and repeat this action on the inside of your German Shepherd’s teeth.

Always use a high-quality canine toothpaste and toothbrush for cleaning your pet’s teeth. Human products are not designed for animal use and may cause harm.

You have now completed the teeth cleaning training for your pet and can create a dental hygiene routine twice a week or daily.

This regimen will prevent tartar and plaque buildup and keep your precious pet’s teeth in a premium condition.

Should I brush my German Shepherd’s teeth?


Dog owners should clean their German Shepherd’s teeth as an essential part of their dental routine.

Regular tooth brushing helps to remove the unhealthy buildup of tartar on your canine’s teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Experts also recommend using the best dog toothpaste for bad breath to manage this problem.

Bad breath can be a sign of a bowel problem because your pet struggles to digest its food. Bad breath can also indicate poor dental health that creates an unpleasant smelling breath.

Brushing your dog’s teeth will help to eliminate a problem in the mouth, and a change of food can support your pet’s digestive system.

If your dog’s breath is still a problem, consider taking your pet for a medical check-up to determine the source of smelly breath. Another medical problem may have arisen that needs special attention.

Purchasing the best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds can help avoid this type of problem.

Experts advise pet owners to take their pets for professional teeth cleaning once a year.

A well-developed dental hygiene routine is essential for your pet as it avoids certain diseases developing, such as:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • A fractured jaw (rare, but it happens in the absence of dental hygiene)

Bacteria can build up in your German Shepherd’s mouth, which spreads to other areas of its body.

Diseases can develop quickly, so it is imperative to use a safe dog toothpaste and toothbrush for regular cleaning.

Watch out for the following signs of problems to help prevent dental-related problems from developing:

  • Your German Shepherd’s gums should have a healthy pink color. Lightly press your finger on your pet’s gums. The gum color should become a light pink under slight pressure and revert to the original deeper pink within a few seconds of removing your finger.
  • Reddish gums are a sign of gingivitis, a type of gum disease which requires immediate medical intervention.
  • Dark red gums indicate that your dog is suffering from heatstroke or is suffering from a toxic overload. Seek urgent medical intervention when this happens.
  • Yellow gums are a sign of a leptospirosis infection which is transferable to people, or your pet may have a liver problem. Either way, it is vital to get your German Shepherd to the vet as quickly as possible.
  • Discoloration of teeth is another indication that your pet needs help. If your pet’s teeth are yellow, gray, or black, seek professional dental help straight away.

Is dog toothpaste safe for dogs?


Specially formulated products ensure that pet owners use a safe dog toothpaste to maintain hygiene.

Doggy toothpaste should not contain certain ingredients found in human toothpaste, such as fluoride. Neither should safe doggy toothpaste contain xylitol which is also found in some human toothpaste.

Both these ingredients are dangerous for dogs, so please do not ever use human toothpaste or toothbrushes to clean your pet’s teeth but rather invest in the best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds. Your pet is worth the money you spend on it.

Avoid any toothpaste that contains the following ingredients as these are unsafe for your pet:

  • Xylitol (used in some brands of peanut butter as a sweetener)
  • Baking Soda (in large quantities)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Fluoride
  • Chemicals
  • Preservatives
  • Pesticides
  • Dyes
  • Saccharin
  • Artificial additives
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • GMOs
  • Latex
  • SLS
  • SLES
  • BPA
  • BPS

A good dog toothpaste typically contains specific enzymes to support dental health. Brushing your pet’s teeth with a special safe dog toothpaste helps eliminate mouth odors by removing plaque and tartar.

Stick to using thebest dog toothpaste for German Shepherdslike the one recommended in this buyer’s guide.

If you follow the suggestions for the best dog toothpaste reviews provided in this buying guide, you will be well-informed enough to purchase a safe dog toothpaste.

How do you disinfect a dog’s mouth?


Canine saliva comes with its own antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria in the dog’s mouth.

This natural disinfectant helps keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean, but sometimes they need a little extra help.

You can help nature by cleaning your pet’s teeth. You can also purchase a mouthwash to disinfect your dog’s mouth, leaving their breath smelling fresh and clean.

Besides good dog toothpaste, mouthwashes add to your pet’s dental hygiene and come in different forms.

Mouthwash disinfectants are available as gels, rinses, sprays, and additives, which you can include in your dog’s drinking water.

Use the teeth cleaning methods described above to disinfect your German Shepherd’s mouth. Then add a mouthwash to your dental hygiene regimen.

Because your pet is comfortable with teeth brushing by now, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get them used to a mouthwash.

You can add a disinfectant mouthwash to their drinking water which is quite safe to consume. Gel mouthwashes are like using the best dog toothpaste for bad breath, but with a little extra cleaning for fresher breath.

You can apply the gel with a toothbrush or simply use your finger to spread it around your pet’s teeth and gums.

Some dogs don’t have a problem with you spraying mouthwash into their mouths, but others may get nervous because of the sound the spray makes.

Rinses work the same as additives which you can also add to your pet’s drinking water. Combine these products with the best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds for the best results.

Pet owners have so many methods of disinfecting their pet’s mouths. But as our best dog toothpaste reviews demonstrate-doggy toothpaste is safe and gets your pet’s teeth clean and their breath smelling great.

Final Comments

Our best dog toothpaste reviews offer consumers a detailed overview of the best dog toothpaste for German Shepherds on the market.

Protect your pet’s teeth with a healthy dental cleaning routine of brushing at least twice a week. Vets recommend brushing your pet’s teeth with the best dog toothpaste available as specific canine toothpaste is safe for use.

Remember to take your German Shepherd for a professional clean once a year to maintain dental integrity and avoid disease development.

Add dental dog treats, high-quality food, dental chews and other chew toys, as well as dog mouthwash to keep your pet’s teeth clean.

Try out the best dog toothpaste and experiment with flavors to find the one your German Shepherd enjoys the most.


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