Here’s My Story

Ruth Thompson

My name is Ruth Thompson.

For the last twelve years, I’ve worked with local pet shelters in my city to help find new homes for older cats and dogs.

I didn’t expect that at forty-seven, I’d be doing this about twenty hours a week, but here we are.

My daughter, Abby, pulled something real sly when she was about fifteen.

She came home with the adoption papers for a German shepherd she saw at the pound (she went there with her friend to help out when she could), and that was that.

To this day she won’t tell me how she signed the adopted papers since she was a minor, but it worked.

We kept Reynolds, the nine-year-old German shepherd, and he became an icon to our family. From that moment on, we knew we wanted more of the same breed.

In total, I’ve owned seven German shepherds, four of whom are currently with us.

I love them to pieces so much that I wanted to make a little hub for other German shepherd owners to come and find out more about their preferred breed, the right foods, toys, and just about everything.

I’m a big fan of interesting facts and history, so you’ll be sure to see some of that littering that site as well.

You and I both love German shepherds (and all dogs, for that matter), so I made this site for you at a one-stop spot to learn everything you need. I always look forward to hearing from my readers, thanks so much!